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  1. Click on ‘Pictures’
  2. Search with 'Choose a year' the year of the event.
  3. Click on the event or race that you are looking for.
  4. With the function: 'search car number' you can select your competitor number.

You will get an overview of all available pictures of this competitor number

  • Order picture per picture:

By clicking on 1 picture you will get an enlargement of this picture. Here you can add the quantity in the desired format.
You can choose between the next options:

  • Print on photo paper: (10 x 15cm)/(13 x 18cm)/A4(21 x 29,7cm)/A3(29.7x42 cm)/SA3 (32x48.3cm)/A2(42x59.4cm)
  • CD: maximum 15 high resolution pictures.
    This CD can contain 15 pictures of your choice, even a mixture of year/events/cars.
  • We transfer: the pictures are only sent digitally by we transfer.

After filling in the quantity you will get an overview. Go back to the pictures with ‘continue browsing’ and browse with ‘next’ and ‘previous’

Back to the overview with ‘more pictures of this car’

  • Order all pictures in 1 click:

Trough ‘add all pictures to cart’ you can order all pictures in 1 printed format/cd or we transfer. After filling in the quantity you will get an overview.
Here you can still change the formats or quantities.


Trough 'finish order' you arrive at the order form.

To be able to handle and ship your order, I hereby ask you to fill in your personal information. Fields marked with (*) are mandatory fields. If you request an invoice, please complete the right column with your information.

Click on 'finish order' to send the order. You will get the order overvieuw of your order and will receive an order confirmation by e-mail.

After sending the order an order confirmation will be sent on you e-mail account. This order confirmation will dispose of an unique reference. With this reference you can search for the status of your order on ‘order & delivery – find your order.


Orders will be sent out 4 days after receipt of payment and depending on the service of your postal service/country, you should get the delivery within 10 days of placing your order. If this is not the case, please do not hesitate to contact me by e-mail (trough the contact form) with the reference of your order. Please do mind that I could be on another event, which could explain the delay in processing.

Pictures are sent by mail (except we transfer orders), up to the format A4 in an enforced envelope, anything bigger in a tube.

Suggestion’s and questions are welcome by e-mail trough the contact form.

Useful information:

The pictures will mostly be online 4 days after the event.

All ordered pictures will first be processed (photoshop CC) before printing. The treatment also applies to pictures on CD or by we transfer.
The pictures are printed with an Epson 3800 on Epson or Tecco paper.
If you order a CD and print the pictures trough a lab, please instruct that the photos must be printed WITHOUT extra colour control. I did it after all.